The St James curriculum embraces Outcomes Based Education (OBE). It offers a straightforward and balanced approach which gives children the stability, order and happiness they need to thrive.

In the Junior Primary School (Grade 1 – 3), the basic practices and principles are established which give a firm foundation for all future study.

The children are taught to read using a scheme developed at St James School in London.It is beautifully presented, phonic-based and contains uplifting passages from scripture and literature.

This begins with straight lines and circles and progresses to a cursive script during Grade 3.

There is thorough grounding in the grammar of the English language.

Written Expression
This begins with simple sentences, accounts and then composition.

Children are encouraged to take delight in the magic of numbers and emphasis is placed on the development of a fine base in numeracy.

In addition to the above, the Grade 1 - 3 curriculum also includes Zulu, Afrikaans, Sanskrit, Physical Education, Life Orientation, Nature Study, Music, Art and Drama. From grade 3 to 7, the following subjects are added: Geography, History, Science and Technology and Economic Management Science.

St James is an active participating member of the Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA). Our pupils take part in annual ISASA Shared Assessments for English, Afrikaans and Mathematics, which has as its aim the continuous improvement of curriculum delivery by ISASA schools and their teachers.