Step 1:   
Application forms must be completed and handed into the office to Mrs Jones with the non-refundable registration fee of R650.00 (Six hundred and fifty Rands). The following documentation is also required upon application:  The child's latest school report; a certified copy of his / her Birth Certificate; any Occupational and/or Psychological Assessments (where applicable) and a copy of his / her Clinic Medical card.

Step 2:  
Once the application and non-refundable registration fee have been received and processed, children who are applying for a Grade 1 - 7 placement will be asked to write an entry level assessment. The time and date of the entry level test will be set up by Mrs Jones.

Step 3:
After the assessment has been written and assessed, an interview with the Headmaster for both parents/guardians will be scheduled.

Step 4:
If your application is successful, a letter of acceptance to St James along with documentation related to your admission will be given to you. A deposit of R3000.00 (Three thousand Rands) is then payable within 7 (seven) days of acceptance to secure your child's position.