The school attends upon the National Curriculum, however extra attention is paid to reading and numeracy in the early grades. The school has a strong culture of reading, and children use the well-provisioned library on a weekly basis. To develop their dramatic demeanour, all children are required to learn, recite, and when they get older, to act in a Shakespearean production. To develop their language domains, the children study at least three languages, one of which is a classical language, Sanskrit. This refines their appreciation of pure sound and develops understanding of grammar. The children develop courage, co­operation and stamina through sports such as swimming, athletics, cross-country running, and ball games. Spiritual growth is developed through Scriptural study, and reasonableness and justice through Philosophy. Children are exposed to magnificent texts chosen from a variety of traditions. The daily practice to pause in silence and dedicate the beginning and end of each activity develops the children's access to stillness and quietude. From the age of 10, with parental approval, children are invited to practice meditation, thereby acquiring a life skill to still the mind and enhance self-awareness.

Both contemporary and tried and tested teaching methods are used to facilitate engagement, spark the imagination and cultivate a spirit of enquiry.