Parenting Course


The child has a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspect. This course is wholly concerned with the spiritual aspect. The course is not concern with other areas of the child’s development such as nutrition, physical health etc. because the spiritual, being the causal aspect, determines all other areas of the child’s development.

 “The only building factor which faces the reasonable man is building characters. Particularly before the age of sixteen it is very essential that certain foundations must be laid before young people proceed into the world for activity and their position.”

                                                                                            Shri Shantānanda Saraswatī

The course is 9 weeks covering 3 different phases of the child’s development:

0 to 5 years: The child is a tender object so up to the age of 5 the child should be taught through love and play. The course explores this and how not to put pressure on his mind and body.  
5 to 10 years: The mind of the child has all the capacity to receive, hold and acquire knowledge. In this period they need love for support for development. The course explores how the essential need for love can be provided and how discipline is introduced so that they can conform to the order of family and society. Provision of the basis of truth and goodness is essential.  
10 to 16 years + During this phase discipline can take a firm root so that life could become easy and happy. Avoidance of fruitless pursuits is very necessary. The course explores how adherence to truth is a fundamental criterion for good character.    

 Up to the age of five, treat the child with love and play, from five to sixteen put him under discipline and afterwards treat him like a friend.

                                                                                            Shri Shantānanda Saraswatī