Recognising the unity of all, and that "everyone is a child of God", the School offers a balanced education for boys and girls that develops the whole person in body, mind and spirit and encourages each child to achieve his or her full potential for the greater good and service of all.


  • Provision of good material is the first factor.
  • The second factor is good company, for children learn and copy most from real examples.
  • For children, practice and pleasure, learning and enjoyment, must go together. Avoidance of pressure is essential.
  • Through love and discipline establish respect for authority and an understanding of the relationship between duties and rights, and teach good manners so that the children may conduct themselves with dignity.
  • To produce people of strong character who are self-reliant, self-disciplined, upright and truthful with the ability to fulfil whatever they undertake, making them invaluable to family, friends, community and the nation.