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In our current age, the work of parenting has become increasingly difficult with established norms and values for society rapidly eroding.  The course offers parents practical insights of essential principles that will enable the development of a sound character being the basis for a happy and successful adult life.

The Parenting Course developed by the School of Practical Philosophy in Gauteng, South Africa, was first introduced at St James Preparatory School in Johannesburg, in Gauteng, in January 2014 in response to the need of the parents.

The course material is based entirely on the words of His Holiness Shrī Shāntānanda Saraswatī containing knowledge specific to the education of children and is wholly concerned with the spiritual or causal aspect of a child’s development.  It is our view that the spiritual or causal aspect forms the basis which determines all other areas of the child’s development.

The course is offered free of charge to St James parents.

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Shrī Shāntānanda Saraswatī

“The only building factor which faces the reasonable man is building characters. Particularly before the age of sixteen it is very essential that certain foundations must be laid before young people proceed into the world for activity and their position…”

When asked what constituted good character, Shrī Shāntānanda Saraswatī said that:

  • “... adherence to Truth is a fundamental criterion for good character.”
  • “... Character building concerns parents and teachers a lot more than it concerns children. So the elders must behave in exactly the same way as they expect their children to behave.”

Some of the subjects covered include:

  • The acquisition of knowledge and character
  • The rooting of discipline
  • The stages of development
  • Moulding of the child’s mental world
  • To teach a child become a child
  • The system of order and repetition
  • The key to the habit of study

The course is aimed at parents of children between the ages of 0-16 and provides guidelines for building the character of the child to “a good, civilized and cultured being”.

What Parents are saying about the Course...

Chandrika Marrie

The parenting course is a treasure trove of invaluable wisdom of how to raise a child in a way that effectively channels their innate power and brilliance into a strong and noble character that makes for a life of true success.

The Parenting course has provided simple but extremely useful tools to manage some of the challenges we face as parents and individuals. My children have certainly noticed and appreciated the change within us. It is for this reason that we've made significant changes to our work schedules in order to incorporate this therapeutic course into our week.

I’m certain that many parents have completed/attended prior Parenting courses offered by the amazing staff at St James / School of Practical Philosophy. However, over the years we have come to realize that conscious parenting cannot be maintained by a once-off course attendance. It requires a constant reminder especially during these overwhelming times.

Drs Lakha and Bagoon

Thus far we have benefitted immensely from the conversations with Mr Curle and the other parents who join us each week on the online platform. We highly recommend incorporating the Parenting course into your busy schedule…the short and long term benefits are tremendous.

Mr Curle has opened this door of exploration for us which has created a desire to learn more about ourselves and enjoy this journey of life with our children, and others who accompany us. His calm, honest and approachable nature makes it easy to open a conversation with him.  His wealth of knowledge paired with brilliant resources has generated many “light bulb” and thought provoking moments, and provided clarity on many issues which cloud the mind. Above all, his conversations have generated Hope for us as parents in a world where anxiety, fear and paranoia dominate. The course has truly been "food for our Spirit ".

Mr & Mrs Ravjee

As a parent we have a huge responsibility to bring up a child with good qualities and the best virtues.This parenting course has thought us exactly this. We have already seen these in our child as we practice them in our day lives.

Mr & Mrs Tshabalala

An eye opener, as it gives touches and changes the parents perspective of what it means to be a parent, but more to this course it deals with our personalities.


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