Friends of St James

The parent body at St James is called "The Friends of St James Association" ("The Friends").

It is the earnest wish of the parents of the pupils at St James Preparatory School to offer their services to and to work with the Headmaster and the Board of Governors of St James towards the achievement of the St James vision, namely;

"Recognizing the unity of all and that 'everyone is a child of God', the School offers a balanced education for boys and girls that develops the whole person in body, mind and spirit and encourages each to achieve their full potential for the greater good and service of all."


The objectives of The Friends are:

  • To promote the welfare of St James and its pupils, and to work together for the common good of St James with all those who have its interests at heart through the provision of a broad range of voluntary services. This includes, and is not limited to, fund-raising activities to meet specific needs of the School.
  • Where necessary, to provide a channel of communication between parents, the Headmaster and the Board of Governors, complementary to existing channels.
  • To harness the energy and talents of parents, for the benefit of St James.
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Parenting Course

A special parenting course has been running at St James for many years. The course is offered free of charge to St James' parents.

In our current age, the work of parenting has become increasingly difficult with established norms and values for society rapidly eroding.  The course offers parents practical insights of essential principles that will enable the development of a sound character being the basis for a happy and successful adult life...

What parents say about St James...

My children have been with St James for a few years and my experience as a parent is that the school constantly strives for excellence. As my children have progressed through the grades, I've witnessed a blossoming of their personalities. Even though they work hard, they are also allowed the freedom to just be kids.

Yumna Keraan

Most important I would like to thank all staff members of St James by helping our children to have self esteem and confidence.

Priscilla Mazibuko

St James is a school that focuses on holistic development of children which encompasses both educational and spiritual development, providing them with useful tools to grow into caring, well-developed, productive adults. All teachers and staff show a dedication to kids which is highly visible in their interactions with the kids and the kids enjoy a safe, productive environment conducive to learning.

Lorraine Singh

spiritual education